Sally’s drive is to help leaders and teams manage complexity with greater ease and clarity by setting the stage for new perspectives and insights that deliver desired results.


Three things make the difference in great leadership -- attentive communication, awareness of self and others and shared goals.  While these competencies are simply stated, they are not always easy to deliver upon.  Working with Sally, she will guide you to:

  • A clear commitment toward the type of results you want
  • Accountability toward expected and desired results
  • The practices to build and sustain the behaviors that bring consistency, clarity and greater well-being

When working with Sally, you will see that she is committed to identifying where you are now (individual or team) and where you want to go. It's important to define "there," so you truly know when you are are approaching and arriving at a desired destination. She also believes the exploration and the journey should be part of the rewarding experience of getting "there."