Janice Cunning


Janice works with passionate fundraisers who want to create an inspired vision that transforms lives.

Henry Lescault


Henry is committed to helping people and corporations take their teamwork, leadership and communication to the highest levels.

Caroline Nicholl

Caroline Nicholl

Caroline collaborates closely with clients to understand the root of their challenges and to respect where they are and where they are trying to go. 

Linda Bidlack


Linda helps clients take on their next big developmental tasks as a literal laboratory for learning.

Nickey Knighton


Nickey partners with leaders and organizations to uncover the things that they can not see and inspires leaders to achieve greatest potential.

Mimi Darnstadter


Mimi helps clients identify the work most important to them, creates opportunities for that work and demonstrating brilliance in it.

Galina Knopman


Galina helps individuals and leaders realize their potential with coaching, consulting, training, appraisal services, and Atlassian tools.

Carylynn Larson


Cary is an Organizational Psychologist & Leadership Coach who helps leaders create space for personal, team and organizational growth. 

Jessica L. Howard


Jessica works with leaders to help them follow their self-inquiry towards solutions for how they can apply their strengths and cultivate engaged and aware working environments in alignment with their organizational purpose and values.  Contact Jessica at

Graham Segroves


​Graham provides coaching and services that help clients embody the values of courageous authenticity and collaborative transformation.